Strengthen your team.

40-120 Participants

5-7 Hours

Benefits of the game

• Training negotiation skills

• Developing trust relationships in the team

• Developing employees’ creativity

• Establishing internal communication and role assignment within the game

About the game

This is a game with a changing subject; players get their tasks during each period of the game before the period starts. The plan of the game is for players to communicate closely & become acquainted with their teams. At the same time all teams also interact with each other.

Three Stages


Players need to get particular patches of land through elaborate negotiations with other teams. The resources are distributed between the teams unevenly. Some teams have more land, some have less, one team has money and another team has only land.


During the second stage, players need to find resources for construction. These resources can be obtained with the coaches’ help after completing different active tasks. The tasks are team-oriented, with the focus on group decision-making, developing of trust within the team and communication skills.


Teams receive  new instruction: building requirements for their objects. Teams need to negotiate again in order to exchange the resources (this should be done for the realization of the projects). Then they need to assign the roles in the team properly to finish construction in time.

As a result we get a new city – a material symbol of team cooperation.