Personal Assessment:

My Grade

Strengths & Weaknesses

10-100 Participants

6-8 Hours

Benefits of the game:

• Personal recommendations for applying one’s strengths & working on weaknesses (individual development plan)

• Develops team building

About the game

My Grade is a unique technology which allows to assess 10 to 100 people at the same time in the format of an action game assessment centre. But this is not a stressful event for people being assessed, this is a team game which consists of several game business & role modules connected by one plot. During the game players work in group with changing members, it allows to use this format for team building.

According to HR specialists, assessment centre means specially designed complex of tasks & exercises which allows to assess a person by main competences.

About the game, continued:

So what is a competence? We understand it as a set of skills, abilities & talents. Each competence can be developed – it is important to figure out its development level & to know exactly how to develop it.

Assessment specialists use dozens of different competences, sometimes they are quite unusual. We have chosen 6 competences for team assessment: organizational skills, communication skills, ability of self-presentation adaptiveness, analytical skills & creativity.

We made this choice for two reasons:

• Firstly, these are main competences taken into account while hiring a person & while assessing candidates pool (candidate for promotion)

• Secondly, these particular competences help to judge a person from many points of view, to form a general impression about personal characteristics & give well-grounded recommendations for development

The Process of the Assessment

• Assessment takes one full day.

• During one day participants perform series of different interesting and educational assessment exercises and tests, they will be evaluated by specialists at the same time.

• The assessment procedure consists of several exercises which allow to train professional skills.

• Competence profiles with comments will be given to the client, players recieve personal recommendations for professional & personal growth.