Business Game:

Rare Lands

Explore with your team.

Up to 100 Participants

4-6 Hours

Benefits of the game

• Development of the following personal qualities:
leadership/provocativeness, consistency of thinking, communication skills, goal-setting, creativity, stress resistance & ability to cope with large amount of new information

• Opportunity to assess the players during the game

About the game

The basis of the game is a contest where the teams need to seize Castles – stations with different types of tasks. Players have several types of roles within the team, & each Castle can be seized only by a group with a particular set of roles. Thus, large teams are divided into small groups of different lineups, people in a big team are mixed, they meet, communicate & interact with new colleagues.

Only enthusiastic teams whose player’s are not afraid of battles with other teams (completing competitive tasks in the Castles) & whose coordination of smaller units is very good, can win.

Experience a high level of action, interaction, opportunity to add tasks designed for particular companies – enter “Rare lands”!

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