Business Game:

Xplain to Me

Ideas & Solutions

5-140 Participants

3-7 Hours

Benefits of the Game:

• It allows to look into new or complicated information

• It allows to learn about new values and to accept them mentally and emotionally

• It develops team building

• It develops creativity

About the game:

Externally: this is a dynamical and interesting process of making short and funny cartoons on the iPad by small teams. Then they organize a festival and choose the best ones. The teams get iPad with stylus & special program for making the cartoon from the organizers for the period of game

Internally: this is a work method which allows each player to understand complicated things more deeply (for instance, company values, mission and strategy) and team members to cooperate, to get to know each other better.

Pluses of the game:

• The game is fun but at the same time this is about business and corporate values

• This game is available for each person who has smartphone

• This work has real results which will be helpful in future when the game is over, & the players can even be comfortable showing the best cartoons at their companies

• This is a brand new technology which began to conquer corporate events market this year

Three stages of explanations:

This stage has the format of organization & activity game. The players undertake system analysis of each value. They discover why this value is necessary for the company, learn how the value works in practice, try to foresee its consequences. There sult of system analysis has the form of concept cards & gives the way to the second stage.

Storytelling is one of the best ways not only to gain knowledge but also to learn & gain experience. Players get information about how to organize their thoughts & to create their own stories.

One of the special traits of human perception is that multiple associative links make people memorize things the best. One of the best ways to create associations is visualization. Players make videos in the format of whiteboard-animation using the XPlain To Me App.

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