Creativity & Unconventional Thinking

Business game: Creators

Creative & Unconventional.

20-100 Participants

4-7 Hours

Benefits of the game

• Develops team building

• Shows the opportunities of quick search for alternative tasks solutions

About the game

The basis of “Creators” is not only development of creativity in general or mastering different creative approach methods. The core of the game is training of particular personal abilities which make people think creatively. According to Ellis Torres there are 8 such abilities:

Eight Abilities


The ability to produce unusual ideas which differ from generally offered

Mental Agility

The number of ideas produced and the amount of information perceived per unit of time

Ability to Think Metaphoricaly

The tendency to symbolic, associative thinking, to see complex matters in simplicity & vice versa. Ability to see the connection between metaphor & reality & to find metaphors for what is happening. Ability to convert figural into verbal.


The ability to apply different strategies for problem solving.

Openness to New Experience

Readiness to work in the new environment, to face challenges and difficulties, not to think stereotypically.


Sensitivity to unusual details and things, contradictions and uncertainty, seeing root of the problem, understanding what is really significant.


The ability to elaborate on an idea and to make it ready for practical use.


The ability to push the limits of the situation, to put it into perspective, ability to withdraw from it emotionally

The players are randomly divided into several teams. The teams go through 8 stations where they receive tasks & exercises for the development of one of the 8 abilities mentioned above. These abilities can be trained, & the more tasks players complete, the easier it will be for them to do this in future.