Medicine & Pharmaceuticals

Experience in the Medical field.

Our trainers have great experience in training & business gaming for pharmacies & pharmaceutical companies.

For Pharmacies

We work out and conduct:

• Medical product presentation, cross-selling, clients’ needs assessment, objection handling trainings

•Business games specified for pharmaceutical field

Pharmaceutical producers also become our clients, so in this situation we include cases for particular medical products of this company.
Our specialists are also very experienced in working out, improving and audit of staff education and development systems for pharmacy chains.

For Pharmaceutical Companies

We work out and conduct:

• Trainings for work with pharmacies and doctors for Filed Force

• key customers service trainings for для Key Account Managers

• new interactive presentations and seminars for pharmacologists and doctors organized by medical representatives

• business simulators for developing of promotion system for particular territory, region, country

• Induction Sessions in new, different and effective formats