Public Relations & Communication

Promotion, PR &… Shoppintainment.

Our trainers know these concepts from their business experience, & Shoppintainment was invented by us for retail.

So, we teach:

• How to create PR-strategy & tactics for companies

• How to carry out the process of naming & branding for you company with the help of your employees & clients, without hiring high priced advertising agencies

• How to make quick, low budget & effective research of target groups

• How to choose the best possible PR & advertising tools for goods & services promotion

• How to detect new trends & to outrun your business competitors who do not know about them

• How to find news opportunities for the company promotion, to organize & hold a marketing event, PR stunt or even a PR campaign to stand out from the pack

• How to make the best use of corporate social responsibility programs for the sake of company image & brand

• How to create new mood & environment for customers at the shopping centre, retail store chain or particular shop to increase sales & customer traffic without discounts (this is Shoppintainment)