Project Management

Create and achieve.

We develop & apply a wide variety of project management programs: for business projects, innovative projects & social projects.
Goals of our programs: To give the participants understanding of project management & specific nature of project thinking, to analyze main peculiarities of project-based approach & to learn how to apply project management tools.

Key Training Modules:

Results of the project

Goal: to learn the basics of project-based approaches & applying the method for defining the project topic.
This module gives the participants the most important information about theoretic part of project management. They learn main terms, learn to see & analyze existing trends & challenges which indicate there is a problem to be solved. In the end they can put their knowledge into practice & work with found trends as if they are real project topics.

Business game 'Five Corners'

Goal of the ‘Five corners’ game: to show the life cycle of the project (main parts necessary for project development and realization). All players are divided into 5 subgroups and distributed within five parts (“corners”) of the room.

Effect & results of the project

Goal: to learn how to estimate main project effect and its outcome for project realization management.
This module is created for work with expected effect from project realization. Otherwise, group working process goes vise versa: first players define and analyze the results of the project, its connection with real life and different social spheres, and then they start planning, implementation, budgeting and promotion. In this module players work with project problems and goals, immersion into project thinking and ability to work with expected vision of the future which should change due to the project. Thus, after completing of this module the players get clear idea of the project results which allow to consider the project successful and implemented.

Organizational design

Goal:  to learn how to work with project organizational model, to plan realization stages and to assess possible risks.
This module allows to gain knowledge and skills received by the participants during previous modules or business practice. Work in the project groups is focused on the project organizational model, project structure and stages of its realization. The most important part of the module is work with possible risks, their assessment, analysis and preventive measures. One of the main module terms is project feasibility, in other words – if the project is realistic, if it corresponds to the basic trend of the project. Finally, in this module participants search for and choose resources necessary for the successful realization of the project. So, in the end participants get specific tools which they can use not only for project planning but also for its realization in the most effective way.